Launches a New Coupon Site for Men


(Sarasota, Florida) IDK Men announces they have launched their own coupon site, one dedicated to helping men find the best prices on their favorite retailers and brands. Coupons found on this site range from savings on fashion, health and even sports gear, ensuring that every man will find one or more coupons they can use today online. Coupon codes can save the everyday man a lot of money in a  very short period of time. 

“It happens too often. When you’re browsing the web trying to find the perfect product only to have a big promo code box staring you in the face. You know that there is a code that will give you a discount and nobody wants to pay full price if they don’t have to. But hunting down coupon codes tends to be frustrating and overly time consuming. That’s why we built this site. IDKMen now offers a wider range of coupons covering a range of websites such as EastBay, FanDuel and more to ensure this problem becomes a thing of the past. Guys will find they have the coupon codes they want and need right at their fingertips,” Ed Bryant, spokesperson for IDK Men, reports.

According to eMarketer, 55 percent of Internet users in the United States will redeem a digital coupon or code a minimum of once a year. RetailMeNot expands on this, stating 68 percent of consumers feel digital coupons have a positive impact on a brand, yet digital coupons account for a mere three percent of coupon spending, as reported by Catalina. Finding coupons, vouchers and coupon codes all in one location may help to increase this percentage.

“We don’t just cover sports stores. Our team is also working on including vouchers for other popular retailers in fashion, health, sports, technology and outdoor gear. Thanks to the variety of coupons people may find here and the savings they may get off their orders, the reception to the site has been amazing and consumers are sharing it with their friends and family. IDK Men is happy to see the positive response and is thrilled to help men like us save money every day,” Bryant continues.

In order for coupons to be used, they must be easy to obtain, with new offerings posted regularly. Finding coupons shouldn’t be difficult either, thus a site needs to allow the consumer to sort by new, popular and featured coupons, as well as letting them sort by store. IDK Men does exactly this.

“This page isn’t affiliated with or managed by any brand labeled above. IDK Men simply wishes to inform consumers and share with them any of the latest deals and/or promos that can be found on the site. Visit today to see how any male can save money on purchases they want to make. This new coupon site makes doing so easier than ever,” Bryant explains.


IDK Men is a website created for men, by men. The site dedicates itself to offering quality, entertaining content on a variety of topics, including wealth, sports, travel and luxury. All come with a unique twist, ensuring this is a site every man will love.

Ed Bryant
4283 Express Lane, Sarasota, Florida 34238


Your Next Fundraiser Should Include Bounce Houses That You Can Now Purchase

When it comes time to think of new ideas for fund raisers there is nothing better than Bounce houses that will attract kids of all ages to join in the action and the fun. This is one of the most popular amusements for kids and can quickly lead to income for your group or organization. These amusements are safe, strong, durable, easy to store, and easy to assemble. Better yet is the idea that they are affordable. It is often possible to buy them and own them for many years to come as opposed to renting them on a one time basis.

These Inflatable bouncers can be shipped right to your organization and be ready as soon as you need them in action. They are made from industrial vinyl and are double stitched for endurance. They also include netting that is placed in front of the opening to keep them safe and secure. They are large enough so that several kids can participate at the same time and small enough so that you can provide safe management and control for your carnival, event, or fundraiser.

With one or two of these Bounce houses you will have a real attraction to advertise and draw in the crowds for you events all season long. Once the word is out that your event has Inflatable bouncers you will have kids lining up to participate in the action. These amusements are built to withstand lots of punishment and lots of action. They are built and designed to last for many years so that you can use them again and again. It will not take long to see them pay for themselves over and over again.

Once your event is over you simply take them down and they are ready to store. You will discover that is does not take a lot of room to store these items and they will remain safe while in storage. They are ready at any time to be moved to the next site and ready to make your group money. Why not take advantage of the low prices that are being offered for these amusements and start making money for your next fundraiser.

The Best Advice About Tents I’ve Ever Written

Choosing the Best Tents for Camping Camping is an outdoor recreational activity pursued by many people due to its many advantages among them being fun. Going for camping gives you the best experience of a lifetime as you gain adventure while being conversant with nature and its beauty. There are some requirements that should be taken into consideration when going out for camping due to one’s needs. Shelter and food are the priorities when going on this adventure as they are paramount while outdoors. Cabins are also an alternative for those campers who need safe choices though they are not as enjoyable as wall tents. There, one can get comfortable beds to sleep in as well as mattresses. Tents are however much better as they create memorable experiences for those who sleep in them. Camping gets people engaged and doing a lot of fun activities that make their time worthwhile and enjoyable as well. Wall tents can cater for everyone’s needs as they are diverse in nature designed for different purposes. There are various things that should be put into consideration when it comes to buying wall tents for camping. They should, first of all, consider the number of persons who are going to be camping. This is because a good tent should cater for the whole group instead of just fitting a few members while others are being left out. The size of the tent should be in proportion to your number and also should be comfortable for everyone to fit in without any distress.
Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned About Tents
Household items are important to carry along when going for camping though it depends with the duration you are going to stay there. Mattresses, furniture, cutlery and other utensils might be essential during the trip. The amount of stuff you carry is also important to consider while purchasing a wall tent as you should get one that can accommodate all your items as well. This should however not limit one to the type of tent they acquire as it is important to get as comfortable as possible while outdoors hence getting a bigger tent is recommended.
Interesting Research on Tents – What You Didn’t Know
Wall tents tend to come in various shapes and sizes. Quality of wall tents also varies according to the type of material used in its making. Those tents made of strong materials usually are strong and study in terms of stability and can withstand any weather condition. Safety is guaranteed by these strong tents as they will provide security to you at all times. Tough weather conditions like heavy rains and strong winds can be withstood by such tents. In doing so, you grant the group an enjoyable camping as well as a remarkable one forever etched in their minds.

Where To Start with Equipment and More

4 Things to Think through When Picking a Good Canvas Wall Tent Whether you wanting to go hiking or vehicle camping with your family, a tent is the ideal portable shelter. Your canvas tent won’t simply provide protection from the weather and keep out the insects, it can similarly make you feel more at home in nature. With such an assortment of different brands, models and sizes to choose from, picking a tent can be very overpowering. Unmistakably you would lean toward not overspending on features you do not actually need. Then again, you would prefer not to wind up with something that won’t address your issues. Buying a new tent is a noteworthy investment, but if you take good care of your canvas tent, it should last for a long time to come. The main thing to consider is the size of the tent. The size is measured regarding what number of people it will fit. Remember that language is viewed as a person. This means picking a bigger tent. Some tents are not high and you may think that it’s uncomfortable if you can’t stand up inside. The lower tents are lighter to carry which may be more essential than the inside space. On the off chance that you are tall, guarantee your tent is sufficiently long for you to lie down, or consider getting a tent one size bigger so you can rest at an angle. Remember your canvas tent is being utilized in the outdoors so it is going to get dirt on it. While they are designed to be anything besides hard to clean and stain resilient, cleaning it will prolong its lifespan and make it look smarter. For any dried earth and debris utilize a brush to uproot the dirt. By then you can use a cleaning products followed by warm water to clean the canvas.
News For This Month: Camping
On the off chance that you haven’t gone camping before, you may not understand that it is so unpleasant to get up in the morning to everything being damp. You’re garments have touched the sides of the tent and now they are all wet. You’re bedding is wet and condensation is everywhere. That is the reason ventilation is primary. Search for canvas tents that have ventilation accessible with the rain fly on. Search for a well-placed set to problems with condensation.
Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Equipment
While picking a canvas tent it is imperative to be honest with yourself about how often you will utilize it. A quality canvas tent will last for a considerable length of time and adjust to your needs, however it does not merit spending a lot of cash if you only camp once in awhile.

What You Should Know About Sales This Year

Reasons for Buying Your Own Cooler Summer is one of the most awaited seasons in the year, but keeping your drinks and foods can be tough. But you don’t have to hate summer because your problem can be solved through the help of an ice chest. This box can be called in various names according to your state. This is known as cooler in US and this may have a different in New Zealand and Australia. But regardless of the name, ice chests become one of the common items that every household owns. This can be utilized for different purposes. They can be utilized for storing food items cool and fresh, whether you are having a trip with your family or storing food at home. There are a number of users who have been enjoying the service of their own coolers. Hunters, travelers, campers and families used this ice chest in every event they get into to store items such as drinks. If you are bringing plenty of foods, then you can just place them inside the ice chest so it will not get bad. If you don’t have one, you should be considering buying your own now. Ice chests come in variety of features making it dependable as well as easy to handle. Ice chests have hard foam which is for insulation on the outer plastic and hard inner. The function of the foam in an ice chest is to stop heat from going inside and keep the cool air from going outside. The vacuum is created by the plastic sides. The top of the ice chest has a lid made from a hard rubber that functions as a seal to stop the cool air from going out.
What You Should Know About Sales This Year
Don’t make yourself confused with the many designs available today, all of them have still similar function – to keep foods and drinks cool and good. You’ll find some of these chests having handle bars and others have straps. There are also different sizes available. Small ones are perfect for solo use while the bigger ones can be used to store items for a larger group. If you are going to buy one, you will always want to have the best cooler that can meet your needs and wants. Other boxes are designed to have hinges which supports the lid of it while it’s open. You don’t also have to worry about the effect of the UV rays on these chests because they are composed of high quality plastic and glass.
Lessons Learned About Coolers
With the many benefits of these ice boxes, there is no reason for you not to have one at home. You can have an ice chest to keep your foods and drinks cool while watching a game or movie as well as keeping your items fresh and cool while traveling.

A Beginners Guide To Boards

Choosing the Right Paddle Board Purchasing a paddle board is one of the greatest decisions that one can make. The most reliable method to have fun in water is by purchasing a paddle board. To avoid gaining a lot of weight, an individual should consider buying the paddle board. In the view of many people, purchasing a paddle board can be quite daunting. The task of buying the paddle board is the most challenging for the first time buyers. The amount of skills that one has ought to be considered before purchasing the paddle board. Beginners should consider purchasing certain models of paddle boards. Beginners are better off using the soft serve paddle board. The suitability of the soft serve paddle board can be qualified by various factors. The soft serve paddle board are cheap. Less money will be needed by an individual in purchasing the paddle board. It is also important to consider that the soft serve paddle boards are usually durable. The soft serve paddle boards are the most suitable for use by young children. There are minimal accidents that have been experienced while using the soft serve paddle boards. When the skill level that one has reaches the intermediate stage, one should consider buying the high performance paddle board. The ability to turn quickly is one of the core attributes of high performance paddle boards. For those embarking on buying a paddle board, it is important to consider purchasing the inflatable one. A couple of reasons make the inflatable paddle board appropriate for most people. When the space available is minimal, one should consider buying the inflatable paddle board.
Lessons Learned About Products
The space available is likely to be small when one lives in an apartment. Owing to the fact that inflatable paddle boards are light, transporting them is easy. The reasons for buying the paddle board should be taken into account. Participating in races is one of the core reasons why some people purchase the paddle boards. The competitions involving racing boards across the world today have increased significantly. When choosing a racing board, one should ensure that it has some core attributes. The racing board ought to be longer in size relative to the other boards. It is also important to consider the racing board that is narrower. A racing board with a pointy nose will usually be faster.
Getting To The Point – Resources
The stability of racing boards is usually poor. The only time when an individual should buy the racing boards is after attaining some experience. When the stability of the paddle board is an important concern for the client, it is important to consider its volume. There are a couple of factors that impact on the volume of the paddle board. For clients who are intending to buy a paddle board with a high volume, it is important to go for the wider one.

The 10 Best Resources For Entertainment

The History of Golf Golf is considered to be one of the most major sports of our era. Throughout human history, golf has lasted in many different eras and cultures. Nearly every civilization can find traces of a sport that was played with a club and ball. The evidence for the beginnings of golf spans through multiple continents. This even includes China. There are even records to show that golf was played in the court of Julius Caesar. It was a very different game back then, but the fundamentals were quite similar to what we know today. Instead of playing with golf balls and clubs, people back then used to bat around a ball full of feathers with tree branches. This archaic version of golf became the pastime we know today. Golf as we understand it was solidified as a sport in Scotland. The sport created jobs for people in Scotland who became craftsmen of golf clubs and balls. Many ball and clubmakers found success in this time period. Golf was so enjoyable that King James II of Scotland saw fit to outlaw golf; he saw it as a distraction from military training. King James II saw golf as a major distraction to archery until he himself embraced the sport. In the seventeenth century, golf became a major pastime for the people of Great Britain. Once it became openly accepted, golf took off around the world. In fact, the British Open that is played today was first played in 1860. North America was introduced to golf when golf enthusiasts in Montreal, Canada founded the first official American golf organization. Soon after, the United States followed suit. This resulted in the building of The Chicago Golf Club in Illinois in the year 1893.
The Key Elements of Great Options
Over many years and many games of golf, the popularity of the sport required further organization. In 1894, golf enthusiasts in the United States founded the United States Golf Association. After a few decades of disagreement, the Professional Golf Association of America took precedence over the United States Golf Association. The Professional Golf Association of America is currently the head golf organization in the United States.
Looking On The Bright Side of Activities
Golf is one of the few things that has remained fairly consistent throughout human history; it is here to stay. Golf is currently gaining rapid prominence in Asia. Golf, among other major sports, succeeds in bringing people together for the love of the game. Golf is loved by people across the world, and it is one of the most televised sports in history. The love of golf has brought together millions of people for the love of the game itself.

The Beginner’s Guide to Tents

Good Wall Tents for You to Purchase Camping is a common thing to many people. During holidays, many people go for camping to have a good time. Camping activities entail spending time in the dark as well as cold environments. Apart from camping, hunters have also been found to use wall tents. The best wall tents are necessary when one wants to camp or while spending time in cold places. Good wall tents are necessary to help you sleep in a warm place. Safety measures are crucial and great wall tents makes you feel secure while camping. If one is in need of wall tents that have good features they are available to suit their desires. Good wall tents are of a good height, and the buyer gets that size that they want. In case people are camping in a large number, these are the bet wall tents to have. These wall tents are well equipped with windows. There is a stove jack that is accompanied by great wall tents for camping. The door of these great wall tents can be zipped to increase the amount of heat. The wall tents are also equipped with ropes and many poles for support. The tents have a good weight making them portable as people go for camping activities. With any car, these tents are fit. It is very easy to set up these tents, and this has been a good factor that make them popular. These great tents can be set up by two people or more.
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With two people, all the poles and the ropes can be put in place as well as the stoves and the stove pipes. The frame angles of these wall tents are designed to fit well with each other. The poles are held in place by fixing them in the angles trough sliding. The buyers are also provided with colors that mark the angles and make symbols that speed up the process. Not only do these good tents have walls only but are also accompanied by a good floor. Heat is provided by the stove.
News For This Month: Camping
The most precious wall tents are big enough to accommodate a big number of people making them effective. The best wall tents in camping have can help the users to have hot water especially in cold seasons. These great tents have got internal flames that are of various sizes. Internal frames may be made of aluminum or galvanized steel. The best wall tents are made up of a material that has a high quality. The clients desires are met when they purchase and use these tents. The tents can be spike or pyramid canvas tents. Any customer can purchase these great tents online or through any other means. Once the customers buy these tents, and shipping is done free for them. Any camping with these great wall tents gives you great joy and satisfaction.

Learning The Secrets About Products

Why Are Coolers Important? There is the need for you to be able to have a cooler which is a means that you can store your beverages with you while you are away having picnic with your entire family. You cannot bring your fridge along with you as you are traveling to other destinations, and that is why having a mobile storage facility where you can keep your drink cooled with the use of a cooler is something that you will be happy to get. There is the need for you to be able to bring along with you a cooler which will serve as a means in which you can bring all the necessary drinks to a cool and consume it when cold. When you are not familiar as to how a cooler looks like, then you can just imagine it to be a miniature version of a fridge. You will notice that the cooler and that of the fridge are both similar in function such that the cooler is one that look compressed and really small. What you will see from having a cooler is that it is one where you will be able to cool down your drinks and that you can also be able to store foods inside of it. What you will love about the cooler is that you will have the chance to really buy something that is with a great design and that you will be able to get something that you will truly love about. You will see that the cooler is one that is small in size, and for that you will be able to see that it is portable and very convenient to move around when you want it to. It would be best for you to be able to bring such with you when you are going for a camping trip or when you are just going on a road trip, as it can actually carry the food that you have. What you will love about the cooler is that it is one that will prevent your food from getting spoiled and that you can see that you are still eating something that is not spoiled.
5 Uses For Equipment
Aside from that, such a cooler is actually being used by medical professionals such as the doctors and the veterinarians, as they can use it store medicines and some vaccines so that they can use it when having some in house visits. It is a good and portable means of storage where the vaccines and the medicines are kept safe and are at the right temperature. That is why, having such a box with you will certainly help save and be happy with its dual purpose.A Simple Plan: Equipment

Why No One Talks About Sales Anymore

What You Should Know about Standup Paddle Boarding One thing that you have to realize is that many individuals are actually very fond of doing a lot of activities every single day. You have to know that there are different activities that had caught the attention of a lot of people. One thing that you have to know is that different activities are being practiced by a lot of people simply because they can provide enjoyment to people. It is important for you to realize is that standup paddle boarding is actually one of the many activities that had caught the attention of people. One thing that you have to know is that standup paddle boarding is actually something that had been gaining a lot of popularity today. It is important for you to bear in mind that the activities involving water sports are things that people had been doing already for so many years. There is a need for you to realize that new things under water sports can actually entice a lot of people to try easily. You have to realize that it is then a lot simpler for standup paddle boarding to touch the lives of so many people. If you are someone who is planning to try standup paddle boarding, it is important that you understand the whole concept of this type of activity.
Why People Think Paddleboards Are A Good Idea
To help you enjoy standup paddle boarding, it is important that you spare some time to get well acquainted with this type of activity. When you want to try standup paddle boarding, you have to secure a surf board with you that goes along with a very long paddle. One thing that you have to know about standup paddle boarding is that it involves surfing and canoeing activities as well.
Smart Ideas: Boards Revisited
One thing that you should know is that standup paddle boarding is made for the enjoyment of people. There is a need for you to know that standup paddle boarding would actually require you to do some preparations along the way. You have to realize that getting the board that you will use in doing standup paddle boarding is not actually the very first thing that you have to secure. One thing that you need to bear in mind is that SUP boards and paddles actually come in so many brands and models. Since it is critical to make a choice of the type of paddle and board that you will use in standup paddle boarding , you have to make sure that you put more focus on the design and even the value of these things. You have to know that having good quality boards can actually acquire you to spend a big sum of money. You need to know that good kinds of boards are actually way better to use if you are planning to enjoy standup paddle boarding. If you are able to get the right kinds of equipment for standup paddle boarding, it would be easier on your part to enjoy the activity in the process.